New York headquarters Jennifer Aniston selected and American

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delays because traffic can zoom,Coach totes bags, the new hot spots failed to stimulate market sentiment,oach outlet, with the brokerage stocks finished lower,Coach Store, and other indicators of weakness in stocks, index afternoon drive started diving, two City once again to the morning low of approximation, were employed in the creative concept behind the first Coach designer handbags.

I designed by this young girl first love for the theme of Coach outlet TOTE BAG, attains the COACH of the New York headquarters Jennifer Aniston selected and American actress, Lucy Liu and Chinese su yupeng design production limited each 50, months will be in Shanghai flagship store selling for charity purposes. Good good good exciting! YAY!

Never thought own designs can appear in the international brand shop, there is a dream come true feeling!

Previous for different charitable activities also had designed products, I usually stay at home. But the Coach wallets asked photographed the whole manufacture process. J frighten?? Such such so… Pressure… J force… . Good… . Big……

But in the end I still accept the challenge, as test from already the ability was also good… .

Photo first early draft is so simple.

I would like to ask you a eyes closed girl brought out an illusion of space for everybody.

As for her thinking about what?? Hehe! From already imagination!

Choose color, I good without considering using pink advocate color. Because the girl let me think of spring, spring I think cherry blossoms, I thought of pink… .

Last July 11 at 2.30 PM visit my friend to see, immigration, I am worldcup support of the Netherlands. Reason is that the Dutch coach wear a suit, but also bring a black scarf, looks decent. Watching worldcup immigration at a friend’s house BBQ after. Friends living in 2 hours drive from Toronto of St. J, where is on his way, a Toronto’s largest Outlet, stopped by to Coach Jewelry bought nearly 400 yuan Coach bag. 1 big metal color bags: $139, 1 pink carried a $139, four metallic color zero purse $29 / a, 1 of leather handbag $49.99 little green. I Armani Exchange yesterday first wore the black sandals, buy into $29.99

It took: $396.48

The outward passage, we would to search “stop over” the place. This issue introduced these located at the world’s unusual hotel, is not only the passenger residence, moreover is the creativity one kind of demonstration.

Switzerland “woodpecker” hotel

Switzerland “woodpecker” hotel

“the woodpecker” the hotel is located at Switzerland, it is in the world the smallest hotel, can only hold one to two people.

It located at a big tree above, takeoffs the approximately 30 feet, food is hangs through the basket. Do not look at it to be small, “the woodpecker” the hotel also has the independence kitchen, the balcony and the restroom.

Finnish glass vault hotel

Finnish glass vault hotel

Every year’s winter, small town Ivalo’s Igloo the Kakslauttanen hotel attracts the world located at Finland north by its unique glass vault “the spotlight person”.

In the village many glass vault guest room appreciates the northern lights for at night to construct specially. The tourist may lie down comfortably on the bed watches to the sky in the mystical northern lights.

This area’s light are very few, suits the observation radiant group star and the northern lights extremely. Every year the end of August to next year the end of April is the best observation season. Coach wristletsThe glass vault’s guest room is becomes with the specially made glass manufacture. Because of this, even if outside the world of ice and snow, in the room was still warm like the spring. The specially made glass can also prevent the glass to produce the mist, will let the tourist not miss the lapland area quiet and tasteful dim light of night every time.

Except the glass vault’s guest room, the hotel also has 20 between snow and ice guest rooms. The gentle light illuminates glittering and translucent carving the entire room, just likes the fairy tale world. When the night falls, when the white snow falls gently, the tourist can penetrate the landing glass window appreciation window outside all around certainly the beautiful scenery.

American cavern hotel

American cavern hotel

Scarlet mural, Indian totem, crag stonemason’s workshop decoration bed ……Enters the American New Mexico’s storehouse storehouse Pulley cavern hotel, returned to the Primitive tribe as if.stocks fall rapidly to expand, we can see that the recent apparent disk of differentiation, the majority of indicators are signs of stabilization plate, but the subject matter more than the concept of sell into corrections, to the broader market to bring strong pressure to continue to focus on short-term low of 2521 points the day before yesterday supporting effect.
has 0 comments I have something to say the number of channels the essence of banks to suspend the shares of zero charge 29 Bear Bear back to 1000 on June 5 reserve currency reform based undercurrent of all the coaching change the impact of mega IPO shares important disease risk of non-A is a Cancer on Claim Bank: save money to send bullion to a record high U.S. bond

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For an extremely lengthy time,air jordans shoes, Coach totes bags has performed like any additional chaste neatness retailer: it brought fashionable production lines like loony and abandoned some belonging for that unfashionable ones. It is how style is designed to go presently after all.

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